Wireless Fast Charger, Speaker, LED Night Light & Alarm Clock

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Wireless Fast Charger, Speaker, LED Night Light & Alarm Clock

Product Description

Introducing our 4-in-1 Wireless Fast Charger, Speaker, LED Night Light, and Alarm Clock - a versatile and stylish addition to your bedside or workspace. This multifunctional device seamlessly combines the convenience of wireless charging with a high-quality speaker, soothing LED night light, and a reliable alarm clock. Streamline your daily routine with this all-in-one solution that enhances both functionality and ambiance.


- 4-in-1 Device: Wireless fast charger, speaker, LED night light, and alarm clock in a single unit.
- Fast Wireless Charging: Convenient cable-free charging for compatible devices.
- Quality Speaker: Enjoy clear audio for music, calls, or podcasts.
- LED Night Light: Adjustable brightness for a soothing ambiance.
- Alarm Clock Function: Set alarms with your favorite tunes or standard sounds.
- User-Friendly Controls: Easy navigation with intuitive controls.
- Sleek Design: Modern and compact, blending functionality with style.
- Portable: Ideal for bedside, desk, or on-the-go use.
- Smart Device Compatibility: Works with a variety of smart devices.
- Space and Time-Saving: Efficiently combines multiple functions in one device.

1. wireless output: 5w-7. 5w-10w-15w (Max)

2. Bluetooth audio power: 5W

3. Lighting mode: 9 Lighting modes

4. Bluetooth Version 

5. Transmission distance: 5-10mm

6. Net weight: 8.8 Oz

7. product size: 15x15x5.5cm

8. It has Bluetooth Speaker function , AUX , TF Card modes , you can choice your favor.

9.Please Charging all the time if you want to use the wireless charging function. The built-in battery only enough support for bluetooth speaker to play.